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When I buy a humidor. Do I need to do something to it before putting cigars in it??? - Twilly, Orlando

Pancho says: There's the easy or the hard way.
Remember the wood in your humidor needs time to absorbed humidity before you use it the first time and is going to keep absorbing humidity all the time even after you put your cigars in it.

Easy way: Purchase boveda 1 step seasoning pack (84%) Leave inside the humidor 10 to 14 days out of plastic packaging. Now your humidor is Cured. You may put cigars in the humidor and replace  boveda humidification system for a 69 or 75% humidity.

Hard way: Place a jar filled with 50-50 solution of destilled water and propylene glycol in the bottom of your humidor. Fill your humidification system with the same solution (do not overfill), whipe the excess liquid and put it back inside your humidor.Close the lid. After 8 hours check your humidity level if it reaches 65 to 75%range is ready to use.If not, closed it for few hours until you get this humidity.

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